While Janis A. Barlow & Associates is an independent sole proprietorship, the firm has established relationships with two groups of independent consultants who share similar values. In Canada, Those Women are seven independent arts managers with 150 years of practical experience in the field. They seek to enable artists and promote the value of their work by studying and excelling in the ever-evolving business of the arts. They are inspired by the passionate belief that the arts are a vital necessity of Canadian life and those who work in the arts deserve respect and support.

Arts Consultants Canada / Consultants canadiens en arts is a professional association of consultants who provide services to clients in the arts and cultural sector in Canada. ACCA’s members work to improve the health, effectiveness and sustainability of the arts. ACCA advances excellence in arts consulting by promoting the use of experienced consultants and by recommending qualifications, ethics and best practices. ACCA has defined a set of values to guide arts consultants and has ratified a Code of Professional Conduct to govern their activities. Members of ACCA are selected through a peer-juried process, and are accepted after review by the New Member Review Committee and a majority vote in favour of the applicant by the Board of Directors. Janis A. Barlow was the founder and elected first president of ACCA and continues to contribute to the organization today.