I can’t thank you and Emma enough for leading me through this process. Please know how much your insights, intelligence and thoughtful confident approach has meant to me. I have learned so much by working with you both. My gratitude is endless.
Robert Sauvey, Executive Director, Dance Umbrella of Ontario, 2015
Thank you so much Janis! We appreciate what you did. It was interesting and fun. We intend on putting the information to good use. You’ve given us a second wind and once again have more ideas than time.
Kathy Doherty, Board of Directors, Niagara Military Museum, 2015
Thanks so much, Janis, for your beautiful maneuvering through the business plan. I hope you were pleased with the response. You have set us on a very positive course for the future!
Stuart Reid, Director & Curator, Rodman Hall, 2015
I’ve known Janis Barlow for almost 30 years and can attest that she is a notable arts administrator whose selfless devotion to the historic theatre field, cultural facility issues and the capacity building of arts organizations has helped to empower others to revitalize our cultural organizations, Boards and downtown communities.
Jane Gardner, General Manager, Carousel Players, 2015
One of the pleasures of my involvement on the RMTS Board that I will recall most fondly is participation in the launch of the development of a business plan to meet the challenges of the “theatre world” today and into the future and, in particular, the opportunity that undertaking presented to make your acquaintance.
Judy Scott, Board of Directors Member, Royal MacPherson Theatres Society, 2015
I just wanted to thank you again for your contributions to the blog post on innovation and excitement. I’ve received some really positive feedback on it… and one person said “inspired” which is always the ultimate aspiration.
Brandon Moore, Communications Coordinator, Theatre Ontario, 2014
Prior to coming to the NSA, I only knew Janis by reputation. Well, I must tell you that her (well deserved and almost astonishingly positive) reputation does not come close to doing her justice. Her diplomacy, her calm, her wisdom, her organizational skills and her generosity, go so far beyond words, I will not even attempt to find the superlatives.
Jack Mills, Executive Director,, Niagara Symphony Association, 2010
Recognized by The League of Historic American Theatres with the 2008 Outstanding Individual Contribution for “vision, dedication, selflessness and outstanding contributions, inspiring excellence in the preservation, restoration and sustainable operation of historic theatres throughout North America.
Atlanta, July, 2008
I just wanted to take a moment to thank you again for your excellent work in the meetings . . . . everyone came out of the retreat having learned something new about themselves or the company.
Peter Farbridge, Co-Founder, Modern Times Theatre Company, 2004
Board members were very pleased to have had the opportunity to participate in the workshop. Your approach was both collegial and professional and encouraged cooperation from a disparate and independent group. I believe that as a result of the retreat, our Board is in a much stronger position to make decisions in the coming months and years.
Don Moffat, President, Toronto Arts Council, 2003
The board was energized by the outcome [of your workshop], and excited about moving forward with a strategic plan that everyone can buy into. I would also like to say that your style of working with the group was effective, inclusive and motivating. We really appreciate your efforts, and hope to have the opportunity to work with you again.
Judy Beaumier, Executive Director, Ohio Arts Presenters Network, 2001
However, I must say the work you have done has spoiled this organization. Clear communication, good organization, documented results, value for funds invested – can you believe it? Now we expect that from everybody we work with! Ruined. We’re just ruined.
Lee Ann Prescott, Executive Director, Lincoln Theatre, Marion, VA, 1999-2000
From The Theatres’ Trust Bulletin, 1998 . . . Canadian expertise and commitment to historic preservation was magnificently demonstrated in the restoration headed by Janis Barlow at the Siamese twin (one above the other) Winter Garden and Elgin Theatres in Toronto, where, incidentally, as well as restoring faithfully two fine and wonderfully contrasting interiors, old painted scenery was also conserved and displayed. You will travel far to see work of this quality equalled, let alone surpassed.
John Earl, Founding Executive Director, The Theatres' Trust, Great Britain, 1998
. . . thank you for the tremendous amount of hard work and guidance you put into the development of our new strategic plan. I think all of us here agree that it has been an extraordinary experience, one that taught us more than we had dared even hope for. It’s safe to say that you have broadened our knowledge, focused our vision and energized us toward a future that is indeed ours to create.
Jim Baudin, President-Elect; Paul Beutel, Exec. Director; Don Cox, Past President; Bill Willis, President, Paramount Theatre, Austin, TX, 1997 - 1998
Here in Savannah when we have need of an outside theatre consultant, we generally take one of two approaches. We either hire some fellow with an accent and a beret to come down here and tell us what to do, or we say to ourselves, “ah, hell, let’s just get Bubba to do it.”

You’re somewhat in between the two and, may I say, it’s a refreshing change.

Board Member, Lucas Theatre, Savannah, GA, 1993
In all her work, both in individual and group situation, Janis shows superb listening skills and an excellent ability to synthesize and move a debate forward. She is clearly a firm believer in empowering groups to identify their own priorities and plan for the future.

I have no hesitation in providing the highest recommendation for her skills, understanding and commitment to her area of expertise.

Nancy Hushion, Arts Consultant, 1993
I would have no hesitation recommending Janis Barlow and a consulting team selected by her as project managers for restoration or upgrading of any heritage building.
John Henderson Moore, F.C.A., Chairman, Elgin and Winter Garden Theatre Committee, 1985-1990